Events & Activities

Graduation Day- 2017-18
Dear parents,
Now that you have finished the formalities of admission of your child into Funland Kindergarten, I wish to extend to you and your child a warm welcome to the school.


    On 14th August, Tuesday, children will have to come dressed from home and will be judged in school. Parents will not be allowed. There will be three prizes for each class. Consolation prizes for all participants.
    TIME: 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM. (NURSERY and PRE-NURSERY)
    8:30 AM to 10:00 A.M. (K.G.I and K.G. II)
    5th September, Wednesday, there will be three prizes. Consolation prizes for all participants.
    14th November, Friday; Story Telling Competition for K.G.I and K.G.II. Puzzle Competition for Nursery and Pre Nursery. There will be three prizes for each class. Consolation Prizes for all participants.
    21st October, Sunday.Venue; Sai Sabhagruha, Next to Walkheart Hospital.
    SChool Timings: From 11th to 19th October
    Pre Nursery: 9:30am to 11am
    Nursery: 10:00am to 12:00pm
    KG I and KG II: 9:15am to 12:30 pm
    The costumes are to be returned on 22nd October.
    Nursery and Pre Nursery: 22nd January, Tuesday (23rd January will be a Holiday for Pre-Nur and Nur.]
    KG I and K.G.II: 23rd January,Wednesday. (22nd January will be a Holiday for KG I and K.G.II.
    DETAILS: Time: 9:30 am to 12 PM. Venue: Traffic Park, Shankar Nagar. Dress: School Uniform. Lunch boxes, water bottles, clean napkin must be neatly packed in a small bag which the child can handle on his/her own. Picnic Fees: Rs. 20. All students have to be dropped and picked up directly from the venue; i.e. Traffic Park, Shankar Nagar by their parents.
  • MORNING SCHOOL: From 15th March 2019 Wednesday, time: 9:30 to 11am (Nursery, Pre-nursery)
    8.00 to 10.00 (KG I and KG II). No Tiffin. Bring only water bottles.
  • As you already know, we want our little ones to be the best in all aspects. So, we shall celebrate “COLOUR WEEK” from Monday, the 4th of February to Friday, the 8th of February. Everyday we shall have a colour code. The children will have to dress up in that particular colour and carry with them, any object of that colour.
    The Colour Codes are as follows:
    1. Monday – Yellow
    2. Tuesday – Blue
    3. Wednesday – Black
    4. Thursday – Red
    5. Friday – Green
    We shall celebrate “NUTRITION WEEK” from Monday, 11th February to Friday, 15th February. Everyday the students will have to bring a nutritious food item.
  • Please pay the school fees every three months between 5th and 10th of the particular month between 11.30am to 12 noon. Parents are requested to get the Fees Card along. It is brought to the notice of the parents that they are required to pay fees for the whole year i.e. from June to May and both term fees even in case of transfer. School fees are non refundable in any case.

EVENT 2018-2019

Event Date
Independence Day Celebration – Fancy Dress Competition 14.08.18
Teachers’ Day Celebration – Rhymes Competition 05.09.18
Children’s Day Celebration (Story Telling Competition and Puzzle Competition) 14.11.18
Annual Day Function 21.10.18
School Picnic 22.01.19
Colour Week 04.02.2019 to 08.02.2019
Nutrition Week 11.02.2019 to 15.02.2019


Day Date
Wednesday 15.08.2018 Nagpanchami
Friday 17.08.2018 Pateti
Wednesday 22.08.2018 Bakri Eid
Friday 24.08.2018 Rakshabandhan celebration
Friday 31.08.2018 Janmashtami
Tuesday 04.09.2018 Monsoon Masti
Monday 10.09.2018 Tanha Pola
Wednesday 12.09.2018 Ganesh chaturthi
Friday 20.09.2018 Moharram
Tuesday 02.10.2018 Gandhi Jayanti
Wednesday 03.10.2018 Personal Hygiene day
Monday 08.10.2018 Pitrumoksha Amavsya
Thursday 18.10.2018 Dusshera
Monday 05.11.2018 To 14.11.2018 Diwali Holiday [School Re-Opens on 15.11.2018]
Tuesday 20.11.2018 Eid-A-Milad
Friday 23.11.2018 Guru Nanak Jayanti
Friday 21.12.2018 Winter magic Christmas celebration
Monday 24.12.2018 to Christmas Break (School reopens 02.01.2019)
Tuesday 15.01.2019 Makar-Sankranti
Tuesday 19.01.2019 Shivaji jayanti
Monday 04.03.2019 Mahashivratri
Thursday 21.03.2019 Holi